Natural treasures:
plant and wildlife at Blue Bay

Blue Bay is an oasis where animals and plants feel as comfortable as people. In the clear blue water, corals and exotic fish will capture your attention. On land, you’ll see waving palm trees and discover beautiful wildlife. A few highlights.

The Blue Wall

Blue Bay’s house reef has a steep drop-off to 40 meters and is excellent for wall diving. If you take the time to look around, you might be rewarded by a total of almost 60 coral species and over 500 types of fish, including the long slender trumpet fish, the colorful parrot fish and the black and yellow sergeant major.


The bay borders a salt lake where a large number of flamingos live. These tropical show-offs are born grey and get their pink color from bacteria and beta-carotene in their food. It is a protected species, so please keep your distance.


Pelicans are regulars at Blue Bay. They love to feast on the fish in the bay. You can see them circling over the sea, watching, waiting, and then suddenly plunge-diving into the water to scoop up unsuspecting fish with their oversized beaks.


Blue Bay is a paradise for bird watchers. Besides the flamingos and pelicans mentioned above, you might spot herons, wild parakeets, warawaras (large falcons), frigate birds with their enormous wingspan, swallows, the odd red ibis and many other feathered friends. And it is highly likely that you will encounter the Trupial, Curacao’s orange-breasted national bird.


The iguana is an impressive reptile that, in some cases, can grow as tall as two meters, survive a 15-metre fall and stay under water for five full minutes. Nonetheless, the people of Curacao know the iguana as a shy, mild-mannered sunbather. The iguana is a beloved ingredient for soup and tastes somewhat like chicken.


Divers regularly spot turtles in Curacao’s waters, but on October 6th 2009, no less than 102 baby turtles were born on Blue Bay Beach, which all crawled back to sea in good health. An extraordinary occurrence that confirms that Blue Bay offers a welcoming home to the authentic natural treasures of the Caribbean.