Curaçao: Real Different

Curaçao offers you a richer experience than any other island in the Caribbean. Sure, it has white sandy beaches, palm trees and azure water, but there is a lot more to see and enjoy.

The island offers:

  • A sizzling carnival
  • Always-exciting nightlife
  • Friendly multilingual people
  • Beautiful unspoiled nature areas
  • Excellent facilities and infrastructure
  • Countless options for (under)water sports
  • A rich artistic, musical and culinary culture
  • A deliciously laid-back tropical vacation experience
  • An eclectic mix of Latin, European, African and other influences
  • A town center that has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

It will surprise you how many people fall in love with Curaçao. There are people who have traveled the entire world and seen the most exotic places to finally choose Curaçao to happily settle down.

Discover the Curaçao-feeling for yourself. Explore the island. Go on a sailing trip. Marvel at the colorful underwater world. Relax on a soft sandy beach. Enjoy an ice-cold cocktail. Order a catch of the day. Go kite surfing, salsa dancing or play golf, climb Mount Christoffel and look out over an exotic landscape. You are always welcome!

Fast facts


  • Capital: Willemstad
  • Area: 444 km2
  • Highest point: 1230 ft. (Mount Christoffel)
  • 1988 miles from New York, 43 miles from Venezuela

Time zone:

  • GMT -4


  • Outside the hurricane belt
  • Warm and sunny year-round (average temperature 84º F)
  • Incidental showers during the rainy season (October to February)

Population: ca. 150.000, over 50 nationalities

Official languages: Dutch, Papiamentu and English

Money: Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG); debit and credit cards widely accepted

Calling: is usually possible with your mobile phone from home

Internet: There are several hotspots around the island that offer free wireless Internet, including Blue Bay Hotel

Electricity :110volt/50Hz

Drinking water: Purified sea water, safe and with a pleasant taste

Important phone numbers:

  • Ambulance: 912
  • Taxi: 869 0752 / 869 0747
  • Police and Fire Department: 911
  • International access code for Curacao: +(5999)
  • Information/local and international phone numbers: 9221
  • Road Service (in case of accidents and car trouble): 199
  • Roadside Assistance (when your car breaks down): 9247